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Ship of Theseus July 30, 2013

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There’s no greater paradox to life than the prospect of death. Some of you philosophically inclined might pounce on me for saying this… but please note that I am talking about the “prospect” of death, not death itself, because life and death are dependent variables in a probability test.

Sure, it’s a difficult debate, but equally difficult to debate is the karma paradox and the idea of a guilt-free journey of self-actualization, material, spiritual or otherwise.

“To make a difference” is asking way too much of myself, so If I question myself whether I really need to leave a footprint, however blurry, considering I am but a recyclable bag of dispersable atoms, the answer is conveniently “no”.

I have convinced myself with relative ease that “I am”, therefore I don’t have to be “any more than…”.

hmm…okay, I will stop my self-indulgence here and tell you where this is coming from,although I assure you the thoughts are all mine and entirely my own.

Over the weekend I watched this movie called “The Ship of Theseus”, an indie made by an Indian filmmaker Anand Gandhi.  This guy is way too intelligent and it shows in every single dialogue, every single shot, every camera angle, and every expression on the faces of his actors… yes, these guys were all actors, real actors, because you really couldn’t tell they were acting.

Through every single dialogue, I had this desperate urge to hit a pause button so I could listen to them in slow motion till I was in synch with the drift. But, I was just left clutching at  logs in the current to come up for air every two minutes.

Anyway, on a more practical note, for all those people who think “Bollywood” is Indian cinema, I would like to tell them to go see The Ship of Theseus, because, this is Indian cinema.

Paradoxically enough, I think Anand Gandhi should never make another film. You can’t improve on perfection.

If my prologue is any indication, you know at least some of what to expect from this movie. It just makes you think.  And you don’t forget it easily.

Srirekha Chakravarty



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