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Why Assam? August 18, 2012

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Can someone tell me exactly what the situation is with the Assamese?  After reading up as much news as there is on it, I am still drawing a blank on some of the most basic of questions – what, where, when, why, how.

Alright, let me list my questions, all of them, I’m sure, pertinent.

Why are the Assamese being picked on and who is causing the mischief (for want of a better word).

What started the problem between the Muslims and the Bodos in Assam?

Who started the clashes between these two groups?

How did that affect the Muslims in Mumbai?

Who planned and executed the violence during the Muslim demonstration in South Mumbai?

What was the larger motive behind that violence?

Who started the rumors that are creating panic among Assamese people in other parts of the country?

If Muslims are supposed to be targeted, why are all Assamese in general fleeing?

Where are they fleeing to?

Who are they fleeing from?

Why are they fleeing, of all the places, from Bangalore?

Is there intelligence if this situation will escalate?

Is the media trying to play this down or are they fanning it?

Why Assam?

Is this really about Assam?

Answers, anyone? 




2 Responses to “Why Assam?”

  1. raj Says:

    lets look at the positives….
    never was a north eastern state discussed so extensively in the mainstream media so far, save for the fact that the PM got elected to Rajya sabha from Assam. is it ironic that the mischeif mongers chose Assam?
    there also have been a few ( possibly media sponsored ) solidarity speeches and photographs published, that could act as a succour to the Assamese that they have arrived

    • sri2907 Says:

      It would be a sad statement on the country if it’s less prominent states have to gain national attention through terror or communal violence.

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